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Pine and walnut wood are very popular in the market today. Both types have many advantages, such as beautiful wood grain, diverse designs, modern and fresh colors. Because of many similarities, many people wonder whether to buy furniture made of pine or walnut. The following article will help you better understand these two types of materials.

What is pine wood?

What is pine wood? This is certainly the question of many people about this type of wood. This wood has the scientific name Pinaceae – a gymnosperm tree that grows most vigorously in temperate climates. Pine has a rounded trunk and grows upright, so it is easy to harvest the wood to make furniture products.

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For such popularity, pine wood also has a series of outstanding advantages such as beautiful veins, harmonious and pleasant colors. Light weight also makes it easy for homeowners to move. Not only that, pine wood is also quite durable, modern design is suitable for young families.

What is Walnut Wood?

What is walnut wood and what are its properties? Not only is a tree with good and beautiful wood quality, it is loved to be used to make home furniture, the interior of luxury cars, and decorative items. The walnut tree is also a nutritious fruit tree and a good medicine for health. Basic information about walnut trees will help you better visualize this tree.

Walnut trees belong to the group of trees for timber, the trunk is large and the foliage is wide. Walnut trees have a length of 10m – 40m. The trunk has a diameter of 60cm – 90cm. The bark is rough black, dark brown or gray.

The distinguishing feature of walnut wood is that the core has a chocolate color, the density of the wood color decreases from the center to the outside. The closer to the bark, the color of the slice changes from dark brown to light brown. The outer sapwood also has a very nice cream color. In fact, the walnut tree also has dark streaked blood, purple-red light.

The walnut wood veins are shaped like water waves, gently curving. Sometimes there are swirls in each book which is very attractive. Flexible lines with many warm colors that change from dark to light create a harmonious combination, bringing a pleasant feeling to the viewer.

One of the main factors that make up the value of walnut is the character of the wood. Walnut wood is considered to have high strength and good bearing capacity. Because the tree has the ability to live in cold, harsh weather, the wood is very hard and stable

Difference between pine and walnut

1. Difference in appearance

Walnut wood is a chocolate-colored core, the depth of the wood color decreases from the center to the outside. The closer to the bark, the color of the slice changes from dark brown to light brown. The outer sapwood also has a very nice cream color. In fact, the walnut tree also has dark streaked blood, purple-red light.

The walnut wood grain is shaped like water waves, gently curving. Sometimes there are swirls in each book which is very attractive. Flexible lines with many warm colors that change from dark to light create a harmonious combination, bringing a pleasant feeling to the viewer.

Pine wood has a light red color, the sapwood is white with a slight yellowish color and has many large and small eyes, quite a lot of wood grain, with pine resin pipes. Imported pine wood is also lighter in weight than domestic pine and the color is also whiter due to the careful treatment of the wood resin.

2. Difference in quality

Pine and walnut also have many differences in product properties.

Walnut wood has high strength, good hardness, beautiful color and grain. Due to its natural insect resistance, walnut wood is not susceptible to termites or mold. Therefore, products made of walnut wood do not worry about quality loss or warping due to the humid tropical monsoon weather. Walnut wood is also more expensive than pine.

Meanwhile, pine wood has quite a few types, each type has its own characteristics such as white pine is quite durable, the wood surface is good antibacterial,

In addition, about the disadvantages of pine wood, there are also differences such as soft wood core, not suitable for luxurious spaces.

In addition to making furniture, walnut wood is also used flexibly in car interiors.

Because walnut wood is quite expensive because it has to be imported, that is one of the disadvantages of this wood.

Pine wood furniture

Imported pine wood tables and chairs

pine wood tables and chairs

Living room furniture products from pine can not be ignored beautiful pine furniture. Pine wood tables and chairs possess a simple, modern design, natural rounded corners to brighten up the space. These pine furniture models are often imported raw materials or complete from abroad, so they ensure quality and beautiful and sophisticated designs.

Pallet pine furniture

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One of the interior decoration trends from pine wood that is very popular with young people today is the use of small and medium-sized pine boards that are often discarded, or the use of raw pine, pallet pine to decorate the interior. bringing a natural space, a bit of a vintage vintage country style while saving quite a bit of interior costs.

pallet pine furniture

Photo: Pallet pine

Composited from small pine boards, which have not been through many processing and processing stages, products from pine pallets are not overestimated for their durability and aesthetic ability. In terms of durability, pallet pine furniture can be damaged due to the uncertain carpentry process, processed in large quantities, so consider carefully before choosing.

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Decorative pine shelf

One of the most used pine designs in the living room interior space is the decorative shelf from pine. Decorative shelves have the characteristics that they do not need too heavy and thick wood, they need to be compact, light and easy to construct. Decorative pine shelves with suitable colors and weights are easy to mount on the wall to beautify empty walls, or decorate next to TV shelves, windows…

pine wood bookshelf

Decorative pine wood shelves also have many designs for homeowners to choose from. For example, the model of the multi-tiered pine wood bookshelf above. The pine wood bookshelf with elegant wooden slats, bright colors, easy to hang on the wall is the place where homeowners keep their favorite books, newspapers, magazines, or decorate bonsai, flower vases to make the living room more lively.

pine wood shelf

If you want to break the way for a creative space, you can choose the model of decorative pine stairs as shown above. This shelf model can be designed into many stairs against the wall or the A-shaped ladder design is both beautiful and modern. This pine wood product design is suitable for a light-filled living room, where you can put lovely bonsai pots to brighten up your living room.

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Pine wood TV shelf

What is pine wood? Whether to use pine wood TV shelves for the living room or not is also a question that many homeowners are interested in. The wooden TV stand has a simple design, including many drawers where you can comfortably store your essentials. Many homeowners love using pine wood TV shelves because of its simple design, easy to move because pine wood is quite light.

However, the color and grain of the pine wood are not so excellent, not to mention the many black wood eyes on the surface that are not really suitable for a luxurious living room design, that’s why many people are still afraid of the designs. this.

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Wooden pallet shoe rack

pine shoe shelf

Photo: Pine wooden shoe rack

Shelves for shoes from pine pallets are also products worth paying attention to. Shoe racks are not the main furniture product for the living room, so to save money, homeowners can choose shoe racks from pallet pine. The pine shoe rack model with multi-compartment, multi-tier design is the perfect choice to make the space more organized and clean. Not only that, natural pine wood has antibacterial ability, which can also help your cabinets avoid unnecessary odors or mold.

Pine wood dining room furniture

Pine wood dining room furniture is also an option that many families aim for, especially the models of pine dining tables and chairs. Let’s see the beautiful and modern pine wood dining table and chair designs to choose the most suitable product for your home space

Pine wood dining table and chairs set

pine wood dining table and chairs

Photo: Pine wood dining table

The dining table and chairs set from natural pine wood is one of the impressive products that the family can refer to. The imported pine wood dining table and chairs are delicately designed combined with leather seat cushions to create a comfortable and cozy feeling for the family. The design of the pine wood dining table and chairs is simple, not too picky about details, and the bright yellow-brown color brings a great family atmosphere. Use pine wood dining tables and chairs for a more sophisticated space.

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Pine wood bedroom furniture

Bedroom furniture from pine wood is loved by many young people, especially the bed design from pine pallets for a lovely vintage room. Let’s admire right away the beautiful and modern pine bed models right below.

Pine wood bed

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Because it is not a hard wood, ordinary wooden beds are designed not to be too high, especially with drawer designs to increase the stability of the bed as well as optimize the usable area. of the bedroom.

pine bed

Pine wood beds are also designed to be used for children’s bedrooms because pine wood is an easy-to-work material, possessing light elegant and gentle colors. The pine wood bed models give homeowners a feeling of comfort and relaxation when using.

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Pine wood dressing table

pine wood dressing table

Natural pine wood dressing table is also a product to note when learning what pine is, the applications of pine in interior design and decoration. The pine dressing table has a familiar traditional design with a mirror attached to a convenient desk and drawer. The pine wood dressing table is designed to suit women and is an indispensable piece of furniture for your bedroom space. Use a dressing table and a pine bed to add sophistication to the space.

Walnut wood furniture

2. Walnut wood tables and chairs

Wooden tables and chairs bring relaxation to the living room. The elegant and luxurious look is created from the quality of wood, the color shows the delicate taste of the owner.

Living room space with walnut table and sofa

3. Walnut bed

Beds made of walnut have good capacity in bearing and the weight of people lying on it. Deep brown creates a feeling of coziness and peace of mind for a good night’s sleep.

Walnut beds are being chosen by many people as a place to rest and relax.

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4. Walnut wardrobe

With good mold resistance, a wardrobe made of walnut will be able to preserve clothes and accessories well.

A walnut wardrobe will give you peace of mind in preserving and storing your clothes and other important belongings.

5. Walnut kitchen cabinets

The kitchen is a place in contact with water, food, and heat. Therefore, it is necessary to have wood products that are hard, waterproof, and not affected by the environment that causes termites and mold. With the above requirements, walnut is a perfectly suitable choice.

Kitchen cabinets made of walnut create a neat and clean feeling

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6. Walnut desk

The desk from walnut creates a luxurious and elegant feeling for the working space. Walnut wood is suitable for rooms with a large area, lots of light, bringing a feeling of warmth and lightness.

  1. Souvenirs made of walnut wood

With beautiful colors and high certainty, people often make souvenirs that are precious boxes such as watches, glasses, etc. This is a suggestion for you to buy luxury souvenirs. gift to family and friends.

The gift is a box made of walnut that shows the sophistication and high taste of the giver.

Precious wine box made of walnut wood

Other interior applications made from walnut wood such as TV shelves, decorative shelves, bookshelves, etc.

Hopefully, after this article, you will have gained more knowledge to distinguish the two types of pine and walnut wood from which to make the right choice for your home space.

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