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Mẫu thiết kế căn hộ 80m2 3 phòng ngủ hiện đại, tiện nghi

Have you got an idea to design an 80m2 3 bedroom apartment? This is one of the housing areas suitable for families with many members, ensuring a living space full of utilities and extremely comfortable. Whether you own or intend to learn about models house design 80m2 3 bedrooms Don’t miss this post!

Interior design style of 80m2 3 bedroom apartment following the latest trend today

For a fairly spacious area of ​​​​80m2, the choice of design style is quite important because this is just enough space to fully express the beauty from classic elegance to elegance and modernity. To apply immediately to the living room, kitchen or bedroom, let’s learn some of the following popular styles with Decordi

Modern style

Looking at the simplicity, liberality and the interior design in block form, it is also possible to immediately realize the modern and dynamic style. This is a style chosen by many homeowners because it is safe, adaptable, easy to construct and easy to coordinate with furniture. An important highlight in this style is that the color scheme must be creative, it can also be said that the use of colors shows the owner’s own personality.

design 80m2 3 bedrooms

Apartment living room design 80m2 3 bedrooms with modern style

For example, the connecting living room and dining room model in the apartment above all use the same neutral tone in favor of dark tones, creating a feeling of maturity, elegance and trendy beauty of a successful gentleman. . The whole room looks very harmonious from the intermingling of many colors such as wooden floor tiles, gray walls, cream sofa sets or black recessed decorative squares, creating a unique attraction.

design 80m2 3 bedrooms

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Wood tones dominate with darker accents to create space depth

Minimalist style

Customers are often confused with modern and minimalist style, minimalism is reducing the sophisticated design lines or cutting out the rarely used furniture, focusing on quality factors, specifically. is usability. But when put in Interior design of the apartmentit automatically becomes a trending style, expressing a lifestyle or personality of the owner.

design 80m2 3 bedrooms

Living room design of 80m2 3-bedroom apartment with beautiful Japanese minimalism

Use monochromatic colors so that the viewer is less distracted, the decorations are simple but must be new to create accents. You can see that the living room and kitchen space have a simple layout but are quite attractive. Compact or low shape is a way to trick the eye into a much larger space.

design 80m2 3 bedrooms

The design of the kitchen cabinet and dining table area is simple and comfortable

design 80m2 3 bedrooms

The highlight of the bedroom is the unique wooden wall paneling, the whole space is extremely cozy

Classical style, neoclassical

The rooms Classical and semi-classical ways in general bring elegance and nobility to living space. High quality interior materials from glass, stone, crystal, natural wood will increase the value of the room. The lines from the wall panels, the button accents on the sofa, the soft yellow lighting system are also meticulously cared for, so it is necessary to invest more effort and money in construction than other styles. .

design 80m2 3 bedrooms

Luxury living room design

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design 80m2 3 bedrooms

The kitchen area is very eye-catching with the built-in wine cabinet

design 80m2 3 bedrooms

Master room for husband and wife with luxurious gold-threaded walls

Note that cannot be ignored when designing the interior of an 80m2 3-bedroom apartment

Scientific arrangement of furniture

Regardless of the style, the interior layout should follow a certain rule. You will receive advice from a design expert to choose the location of furniture in the room that is both feng shui and convenient for living, you will receive a sketch of the objects you already have and request a page. Add the items you want, so don’t worry about how to arrange your 80m2 3 bedroom apartment.

design 80m2 3 bedrooms

The interior layout of the 80m2 3-bedroom apartment is scientific and aesthetic

In addition, to arrange furniture scientifically, homeowners should pay attention to the shape of the apartment before discussing with the design. From there, the design staff will know in which direction the sofa should be arranged, should it be placed close to the wall corner to save space and arrange more shoe cabinets there? Or based on that, propose more design ways to hide the house’s shortcomings.

Selection of construction materials

After determining the location of the sofa, TV shelf, dining table or kitchen cabinet in the house, the next thing you need to pay attention to is the selection of materials. Like the above apartment model, most of the interior products are made from natural pine wood, bright colors but not too sophisticated, but rustic, close but no less luxurious. elegant, sophisticated. It is important that homeowners have long-term use needs, choosing good materials from the beginning will help you reduce costs later.

That's Good For You

Interior of 3 bedroom apartment with durable and beautiful industrial wood

Overall color for the 80m2 3 bedroom apartment

Based on the original design style, then come up with a color scheme that both reflects the spirit of the style, consider other related factors from hobbies and feng shui to make a good choice. best for homeowners. If it is an 80m2 3-bedroom apartment for people you live with, it will be decorated with youthful, somewhat prominent and challenging colors with unique textures or images.

design 80m2 3 bedrooms

New I-shaped kitchen color scheme for the interior of an 80m2 3-bedroom apartment

If the target audience is a couple living with parents or children, they will often choose white, cream, beige or pastel wall paint colors for easy interior coordination, especially the grandparents’ bedroom will be dark. Instead, the children’s bedroom will have a lighter color or replace it with a wallpaper according to the baby’s preference.

3D cutout design of an 80m2 3 bedroom apartment

Sample drawing of the interior layout of an 80m2 3-bedroom apartment that is distributed according to the shape of the house, homeowners can refer to it to have a better idea of ​​what the overall apartment will look like when completed, in order to adjusted properly before starting construction to ensure absolute satisfaction.

design 80m2 3 bedrooms

3D drawing of apartment interior 80m2 3 bedrooms

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design 80m2 3 bedrooms

The 3-bedroom apartment is modeled in detail on the interior layout on the drawing

design 80m2 3 bedrooms

Design 80m2 3 bedroom apartment for family with many members

Interior design of the most beautiful 3 bedroom apartment

Living room

The living room is the place to welcome friends and colleagues, the face of the house, showing the owner’s aesthetic taste, so investing in living room interior decoration becomes more important than ever. Let’s explore the living room samples that Decordi has compiled below

Interior design of modern living room with 80m2 3 bedroom apartment

The basic living room furniture set includes sofa and tea table, modern TV shelf, whether the area of ​​a small apartment or a large apartment up to 80m2 with 3 bedrooms is indispensable. If you like the versatility, the homeowner can use a sofa bed, a TV shelf with a decorative cabinet, a TV shelf with an altar in the living room. The remaining accessories such as floor mats, curtains, wall paintings or decorating with potted plants in the living room can all be creative according to needs.


The design of the living room adjacent to the kitchen is an effective way to save space that today’s apartments all follow. You still have yourself a perfect cooking space with fully equipped kitchen equipment, wall-mounted kitchen cabinets or ceiling drama design will help you maximize the place to store dry food, rarely used dishes, etc.

The kitchen cabinet models that Decordi recommends for you below are all made from industrial or natural wood materials, ensuring beautiful durability, variety of colors, designs, and compact sizes suitable for your home. 80m2 3 bedroom apartment, ensuring comfort when cooking.

Design a comfortable apartment kitchen with a system of kitchen cabinets combined with a spacious and comfortable island

Bedroom for parents

The bedroom for parents is often considered a master room with more investment in location, view and area. The bedroom furniture set including bed, tab, wardrobe, dressing table/desk is carefully selected according to each style that the owner loves.

Colors that bring romance, warmth or sweetness will be preferred. Normally, bedrooms are arranged with large windows to take advantage of natural light sources to help the room circulate good air, which is beneficial to the health and fortune of the homeowner.

The master bedroom for the couple / parents is designed in different styles

The master room in an 80m2 3-bedroom apartment will usually have an area of ​​​​about 16m2 – 20m2, so the arrangement of an additional toilet or dressing room in the bedroom also brings a lot of convenience in living.

Boy’s bedroom

Children’s bedroom design, especially boys, should choose cool, dynamic blue colors, use smart and versatile furniture such as drawers, wardrobes combined with study desks, shelves. wall hanging, … to save space and help children have more space to play. You can use wallpapers with cute and funny themes or decorate car bunk beds, castles, bunk beds with slides, etc. Having your own bedroom will help your baby quickly adapt to the new environment. independent, more responsible in life.

Design bedroom for boys with many new and cute color schemes and decorations

Girl’s bedroom

The 3rd bedroom for girls in the 80m2 apartment will be full of the sweetest and cutest things. Although the area is not too spacious, it is enough space for children to live and study. Let’s refer to the bedroom samples below to get more design ideas for your baby’s room!

Sweet, lovely girl’s bedroom design with pastel tones

Top most modern 3 bedroom apartment interior designs

Model 1: Interior of a 3-bedroom apartment with the main light yellow tone

Model 2: Interior of a 3-bedroom apartment with gentle neutral colors

Model 3: Modern style 3-bedroom apartment interior

Model 4: Interior of a 3-bedroom apartment with striking yellow accents

Model 5: Interior of 3-bedroom apartment with warm colors

Professional interior design company for 80m2 3 bedroom apartment in Ho Chi Minh City

Decordi Proud to be a unit specializing in interior design and construction of low-cost housing in Ho Chi Minh City, owning a team of experienced design experts, performing hundreds of large and small housing projects in the Ho Chi Minh City area and many more. neighboring provinces, helping customers get a comfortable, fast living space and ensure the closest finish to the drawing.

That's Decordi

Factory scale 1500m2

We are also a unit that directly manufactures furniture to provide for the project, without intermediaries, so the cost savings is up to 30% and the 2-year interior warranty incentive, customers completely have can rest assured.

design 80m2 3 bedrooms

Direct production workshop with modern machines of Decordi

Here, the working process is clear and transparent, editing the design as required until the customer is satisfied. In particular, when customers agree to complete the construction of an 80m2 3-bedroom apartment or any area, they will be immediately designed for FREE. For more information, please contact Decordi directly via:

  • Hotline: 0967878884
  • Address: 227/5 Tam Dong Hamlet, Thoi Tam Thon, Hoc Mon, Ho Chi Minh City

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