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The cherry blossom season in Korea usually begins in mid-March and lasts until the end of April every year. All the streets and streets of Korea are tinged with romantic and beautiful pink and white cherry blossoms. Unlike other flowers, cherry blossoms bloom simultaneously from the thin branches of winter, making the space radiant, and the delicate petals swaying in the wind make many people say “beautiful” human scene”.

The beauty of Korean cherry blossoms – (Photo collection)

However, the flowering period is very short, usually only about half a month, and then after a few spring rains, the flowers will all fall off. Therefore, in the cherry blossom season, everyone, no matter how busy they are, still makes time to visit.

This year the cherry blossom festivals in Korea will not be held – (Collectible photos)

This year, due to the development of the Covid epidemic, Korea does not hold the Cherry Blossom festival, but that does not mean that the cherry blossoms are less gorgeous on famous Korean roads.

Famous places to see brilliant cherry blossoms in Korea that you can go to

I – The beautiful capital of Seoul

Seoul is not only a modern city and is famous for its captivating sights. Not only is the center of the country, the capital Seoul is also a destination that attracts many tourists, especially during the annual cherry blossom season.

The beautiful capital Seoul is always the ideal destination to see the Cherry Blossoms – (Collectible photos)

In Seoul, there are many places where you can see cherry blossoms, but the most famous are the places where the annual Cherry Blossom Festival is held, which can be mentioned as follows:

1 – Yeouido’s Cherry Blossom Street

Cherry blossoms in Yeouido are very attractive to visitors every time they bloom – (Collection photo)

The cherry blossom road along the Han River is really the most ideal place for you to enjoy in Seoul. The rows of white cherry blossom trees by the river are very poetic, attracting many people to visit.

The cherry blossom road in Yeouido is also very bright at night – (Collectible photo)

Not only can you see flowers during the day, but also at night in Yeouido, along the Han River there are many shops, street artists performing and during the festival there are also many special music concerts. Koreans often come to Yeouido to both see the flowers and camp to enjoy the wonderful space here.

2 – Cherry blossoms in the Imperial Palace

Koreans like to wear Hanbok and take pictures with cherry blossoms at the Palace – (Collection photo)

Cherry blossoms are everywhere in Korea. Koreans love to wear traditional hanbok and take pictures with cherry blossoms at the Old Palace in the Imperial Palace.

Wearing a Hanbok and taking pictures with Cherry Blossoms at the Imperial Palace gives a feeling of elegance and nobility – (Collection photo)

The scenery and space here will make you feel much more aristocratic while still enjoying the romantic colors of cherry blossoms.

3 – Cherry blossoms on Namsan Tower

Brilliant cherry blossoms at Namsan tower- (Collectible photo)

The best time for cherry blossoms to bloom at Namsan Tower is around mid-April every year. From the high tower, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Seoul city and walk along the campus to see the beautiful cherry blossoms.

4 – Cherry blossom road by Yangjae stream

Cherry blossoms bloom on both sides of Yangjae stream – (Collection photo)

On both sides of Yangjae stream is a walking path, daily exercise of the people of Gangnam area, one side is gaenari yellow bell flower, one side is cherry blossom, the space is also airy and the number of people is also less than the area. center.

5 – Cherry blossom road by Seokchon lake

White cherry blossoms cover the road along Seokchon Lake – (Collectible photo)

Around Seokchon Lake, the perennial cherry blossom trees spread widely in the blooming season, dropping shadows into the lake, which is very eye-catching. Flowers are usually in the first half of April so you should not miss such an ideal address.

6 – Seoul Grand Park Cherry Blossom Festival

Cherry Blossoms in Seoul Grand Park – (Collectible photo)

Far from the center of Seoul, you can go to Seoul Grand Park in Gwacheon city, bordering the capital Seoul. There are cherry blossom roads and spring flowers blooming very brightly.

This is a favorite destination for many Koreans to see the Cherry Blossoms – (Collectible photo)

Not only can you walk around and enjoy the romantic cherry blossoms in the vast Seoul park, it’s also a place where you can go camping with your whole family.

7 – Cherry blossoms in Seoul Children’s Park

Not only children’s favorite games, Seoul Children’s Park is also a place where cherry blossoms and other flowers bloom in spring. – (Photo collection)

You can organize a small picnic here, which is also great for you to enjoy the weekend with the whole family. – (Photo collection)

8 – Cherry blossoms in the National Martyrs Cemetery

The cherry blossoms at the National Martyrs Cemetery also have their own distinctive features – (Collection photo)

Maybe this is not a place that many people respond to, but the space of the campus here is really suitable for resting. There are many old cherry blossom trees here, the branches hanging close to the ground are extremely beautiful. The quiet space and scenery here is also a sight that many Koreans want to visit.

9 – Cherry blossoms in Seoul Forest Park

Seoul Forest is a weekend destination for Korean families on the weekend with fresh air and a diverse ecosystem. – (Photo collection)

In the spring from March to the end of April, many tourists come here to enjoy the famous cherry blossom of Korea. Not only watching flowers, you can also see many other plants, wildlife and modern amusement parks for all ages. – (Photo collection)

10 – Cherry blossoms in Seonyudo Park

Seonyudo Park is Korea’s first regenerative ecological park built from a water purification site in 2002. In the spring, besides the cherry blossom street, you can also enjoy the rich vegetation in the park and panoramic view of the beautiful Han River – (Photo collection)

II – Daegu City

Deagu city is an ideal destination for cherry blossom viewing – (Collectible photo)

Daegu is the fourth largest city in South Korea, about 1.5-3 hours away from Seoul. Late March, early April is cherry blossom season in Daegu. Cherry blossoms in Daegu bloom earlier than Seoul, the flowers only bloom for about 5-7 days, all the roads will be filled with extremely beautiful pink and white colors.

Famous cherry blossom viewing places in Daegu city

1 – Palgong Mountain Cherry Blossom Road (Photo collection)

2 – Eworld Park (Photo collection)

3 – Sinchon Avenue (Photo collection)

4 – Yeungnam University (campus Daegu) (Photo collection)

5 – Kyungpook University (Photo collection)

6 – Lake Suseong (Photo collection)

7 – Hwawon Park (Photo collection)

8 – Daegu City Hall (Photo collection)

9 – Dalseong Park (Photo collection)

10 – Daegu Stadium (Photo collection)

11 – Duryu . Park (Photo collection)

12 – Dongchon Park (Photo collection)

III – Jinhae District, Changwon City

Jinhae is a district in Changwon City, Gyeongnam Province. It is famous for its long-standing architecture and is also a major economic center. Every year, the cherry blossom festival is held here extremely bustling around the end of March and the beginning of April.

Cherry blossom paradise in Jinhae (Collectible photo)

Because the flowers here often bloom early, they attract a lot of visitors to visit and enjoy this beautiful flower. You can listen to some of the following places in Jinhae town to fully enjoy the beauty of cherry blossoms

Cherry Blossoms at the Naval Officers College at Jinhae, Changwon City – (Photo collection)

Yeojwa Stream Cherry Blossom – (Photo collection)

Gyeonghwa Station in Jinhae – (Photo collection)

Jae Hwang Mountain Park in Jinhae – (Photo collection)

IV – Cherry blossoms at Cheongpung Lake, Chungbuk Province

Cheongpung is a destination in the South Korean province of Chungbuk very attractive to tourists.

Romantic white flower roads (Collectible photos)

The Cherry Blossom Festival at Cheongpung Lake (청풍호벚꽃축제) takes place along a 13-kilometer road next to Cheongpung Lake, where thousands of mature cherry trees stand proudly and proudly. Nearby attractions include Cheongpung Cultural Heritage Complex, TV drama studios, and bungee jumping spots.

Flowers are also brilliant at night (Collection photo)

Coming to Jecheon, you can both admire the spring flowers, immerse yourself in the quiet, fresh air and enjoy the specialties of the region. Jecheon is also famous as a center for Korean traditional medicine.

Cherry blossoms bloom here (Photo collection)

Coming here, visitors are often invited to visit the establishments selling Oriental medicine and many other magnificent landscapes waiting for visitors to enjoy.

V – Cherry blossoms at Jeju paradise island

Jeju Island Flower Paradise (Collectible Photos)

Jeju Island is a 4-season destination of Korea. Where in any season, the flowers here are also extremely beautiful. And if you are lucky enough to come to Jeju in April, you will have to admit that the cherry blossoms here when in full bloom are incomparably beautiful.

Spring flowers on Jeju Island (Photo collection)

Cherry blossoms in Jeju Island have a larger petal size than other regions, which further shows the splendor and nobility of this flower. The romantic scenery of Jeju Island in April always makes visitors overwhelmed.

VI – Cherry Blossoms in Busan

Going to Busan to see the cherry blossoms in April is a familiar saying of Koreans every season. Although it is still quite cold in April, seeing the beautiful flowers is also a very interesting experience. (Photo collection)

Famous flower viewing destinations in Busan include:

Cherry blossoms at Busan Daejeon Eco Park

Daejeo Ecological Park by the Nakdonggang River is also a popular destination for its beautiful cherry blossom festival. This is also the only place to hold the cherry blossom festival in Busan. (Photo collection)

There are also many other places where you can see cherry blossoms such as:

Samnak Ecological Park – (Photo collection)

Oncheon Hot Spring – (Photo collection)

Dalmaji Park – (Photo collection)

Oryukdo Island Park – (Photo collection)

Busan Democracy Park – (Photo collection)

VII – Cherry Blossoms in Gyeongju, Gyeongbuk Province

Gyeongju is bathed in pink and white cherry blossoms (Collection photo)

Gyeongju is an ancient ancient capital of Korea, with 3 cultural heritages recognized by UNESCO: Bulguksa Temple and Seokguram Buddha Cave, Gyeongju National Park and Yangdong ancient village – where the unique cultural features of residents are preserved. people of the ancient Joseon Dynasty.

Beautiful cherry blossom road (Photo collection)

Coming to Gyeongju in April, you should go to Bomun Gazebo, located on Bomun Lake, the spring scenery here is extremely beautiful with rows of cherry trees in full bloom with beautiful pure pink and white colors.

VIII – Cherry blossoms in Gyeongpodae, Gangwon Province

Gyeongpodae Beach is the largest beach on the East Coast of Korea, just 1km from Gyeongpodae Pavilion tourist area, a famous place to watch the sunrise. This is also one of the beautiful beaches, attracting many tourists in the summer. (Photo collection)

But in the spring, Gyeongpo beach is a cherry blossom road that is extremely eye-catching. In order to serve the sightseeing needs of the people, the wooden paved roads are right at the foot of the trees, helping tourists to both take pictures, enjoy flowers and enjoy the sea view. (Photo collection)

IX – Cherry blossoms at Hwagae market, busy Gyeongnam province

Flowers bloom white in the whole Hwagae region (Photo collection)

When April comes, the Hwagae area seems to be carpeted with pure white cherry blossoms. One of the biggest attractions of the festival is the Thap Ly Cherry Blossom Road. It is also called the Marriage Road, if lovers walk hand in hand on this road, they will get married and live happily ever after.

People love coming here to buy cherry blossoms (Collectibles)

In addition to the wonderful views of the cherry blossoms, there are also a variety of interesting seasonal programs and cultural events for visitors to enjoy. The closest attraction is the historically famous Hwagae traditional market and its many restaurants serving traditional local dishes such as Eunseo-hoe (thinly sliced ​​fresh fish) and Chang Tang (large crab boiled in water) soup).

It can be said that the cherry blossom is considered the symbolic flower of Korea. It is fragile but also very strong, noble and ethereal. If you have the opportunity to come to Korea in April, take the time to see the sparkling cherry blossoms.

Hope this article was useful to you. Thank you for reading!

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