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30+ mẫu phòng khách cổ điển Việt Nam đẹp sang trọng

From time immemorial, the inspiration of the classical style has always existed and developed even though many other unique and new styles were born. This is one of the ways to show the taste of class, sophistication and status of the owner. WOMENToday, this style is widely applied in the interior design of the living room, which is considered the central position in the house, with a lot of investment in terms of cost. Let’s admire the classic living room model elegantly beautiful Decordi compiled and don’t forget to take a look at the features that made Vietnamese classic living room is so popular!

The guest room is beautiful

Trend living room interior design classic

Classic Vietnamese living room features make everyone fall in love

Sophisticated and sophisticated design lines

Contrasting with modern neoclassical living rooms, which follow minimalism in space, the classical living room is a place to preserve the great beauty of time, which is shown through the patterned lines on each piece. The furniture is all meticulously carved. This artistic sophistication is also reflected in the gilded walls, large sofa sets or sophisticated crystal chandeliers placed in the middle of the living room.

visit the hotel room with flowers

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The details of the lines are meticulously and elaborately carved

The design of the classic Vietnamese living room also inherits those luxurious and beautiful beauties without constantly changing in accordance with user tastes, while ensuring usability, convenience, and comfort, not must only act as a decorative screen. Because Vietnam has a variety of housing types: apartments, townhouses, villas, it requires design professionals who not only have knowledge of the rules and regulations. nice living room layout classic but also must have seasoned design experience.

How to use color when designing a classic living room

The common colors used in the overall design of the house are usually bright, youthful colors that bring ventilation to the space and are easy to coordinate with most interiors. As for the classic living room design, too, the living room wall or ceiling paint color will give priority: metallic gold, cream, milky white, light brown and will tend to be accentuated with darker tones such as wine red, turquoise, moss green, silver…


Beautiful classic gold-copper villa living room

As for interior colors when designing a classic living room in Vietnam, homeowners tend to prefer the colors of precious and expensive woods such as red-brown, pink-brown, jet black, dark yellow with lines. The texture is very beautiful, exalting the high-class for the entire space. However, you should know a reasonable classic living room color scheme so as not to create a sense of clutter in the room when there are too many bold colors or the dull, monotonous when using only pale colors.

Classic Vietnamese living room furniture

Besides the high-quality materials used in the interior such as velvet, brocade, silk or rare stones, the classic Vietnamese living room prefers natural wood materials when choosing furniture. Specifically, redwoods, walnuts, ironwoods, and sandalwoods all have the common characteristics of sturdy wood, high height, smooth and beautiful surface, and some types also have a characteristic scent. mental relaxation

The sofa goes inside

Living room natural wooden sofa set

Symmetrical interior layout

The principle of symmetry is one of the features when designing a classic living room, the space will be divided into two completely identical halves, uniform in textures and design lines, creating a balance in the space. In time, everything is arranged according to the rules and extremely neat, in every ledge or molding. The balance in classic living room design brings neatness, orderliness, and aesthetics.

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Symmetrical layout in classic interior design

Beautiful classic living room decorating ideas

Classical style not only requires high-class interior materials, but also shows through typical decorative accessories such as sofa carpets, curtains, wallpapers, etc. Let’s find out the ideas right away. Beautiful, luxurious classic living room decoration ideas to apply to your home!

Classic living room decoration with large sofa set

Classical style is often applied to large apartment or villa living rooms, which means that the furniture must be large in proportion to the room. The same goes for sofas, which are considered the central highlight, so when choosing a homeowner, you must also be very thoughtful. The sofa sets for the classic Vietnamese living room are usually large wooden tables and chairs, majestically carved with dragons, phoenixes or ancient patterns. Besides, some homeowners prefer genuine leather sofas, soft curved lines, soft mattress surface with luxurious knots or high-class stones.

The hotel is beautiful and stylish

High quality silk sofa set with beautiful textures

Classic living room decoration with ceiling chandeliers

Decorative chandeliers have a sophisticated design, often using light yellow lights, helping to reflect sparkling stones, crystals or glass, creating a special impression, attracting all eyes from the moment they enter. Bring royal style, class to the living room space

hotel room decoration

Unique chandelier model for classic living room

Classic living room decoration with patterned carpet

Floor mats often accompany the sofa when decorating the living room, also known as sofa mats, helping the room become more polite by hiding the defects of the floor. Particularly for the classic living room, the carpets are often large in size and the symmetrical patterns printed on the carpets are extremely sophisticated and unique, bringing magnificence and eye-catching to the room.

The hotel knows

Balinese style living room carpet

Classic living room decoration with curtains

Decorating the living room curtains not only protects from dust and harsh sunlight, but also helps to decorate the living room more luxurious and haughty. Some models of living room curtains often use soft silk material, stylized with a variety of colors, homeowners can choose and coordinate to suit the overall house.

the hotel has the most beautiful kitchen

Elegant and fancy silver curtains with ruffles

Beautiful and luxurious classic Vietnamese living rooms

Classic living room models always have a special attraction for homeowners with high and sophisticated aesthetic taste, which is an investment with sustainable value over time. If you are looking for classic living room interior design ideas, let’s join Decordi to update the samples below and quickly complete the dream room!

The hotel is beautiful

Classic style apartment living room

The hotel is known for its high income

High-class villa living room with cream colors

The decoration of the decoration has a unique style

Set of antique living room furniture in red with sophisticated textures

Luxury hotel in the ice cream

Classic living room design with classy silver color

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The hotel has a Vietnamese restaurant inside

Decorate the villa living room with unique pattern details surrounding the room

The hotel has a luxurious interior

Eye-catching metallic silver living room model

The guest room is quick to speak

Charming, sweet living room furniture set in royal style with light purple and copper gold color

The hotel has beautiful furniture

Unique transformation with gypsum ceiling model for classic living room

The hotel has electricity for the house

Upholstered sofa in black with copper for townhouses

The hotel has a doctor's office

Living room full of silver furniture is extremely eye-catching

The hotel knows

Classic style decoration for garden villa

The hotel is known for its high income

Classic living room model using metallic gold wallpaper

The style is easy to use and knows how to collect high cap

Classic Vietnamese living room for large villa house

The hotel has a small amount of electricity

Classic interior layout for small apartment living room

Let's go to the same style

Using transparent plaster ceiling effectively reflects light

Hurry up to have a hotel room

The classic living room color scheme is old fashioned

Hurry up to create a beautiful and stylish hotel

Classic style interior layout for small living room

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Hurry up and have some money for the whole family

Use large carpet to make a special highlight for the classic living room

If you want to have a new room, you'll be old soon

Classic European-style living room with arched windows

The hotel has a beautiful design

The living room space is cozy with the interior layout of deep colors


Classic living room model in Vietnamese families

How to get high-quality customers?

Decorating the living room is simple but still retains the classic charm, full of elegance

come to know the income

Harmonious balance of furniture for a classic living room with a large area

living room sofa bed

A precious wooden sofa set with a thick and soft mattress brings comfort to the homeowner

The sofa bed is very comfortable

Fancy pink single sofa set with gold plated pattern

know all the money for the whole family

Interior layout for classic Vietnamese living room

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